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Boys 7 v 7 Football


Who We Are

If you've considered becoming a part of the Elite 7's Family, here's all you need to know before joining.

Location: We are based in Chandler, Arizona.


We are affiliated with NFL Flag Football and the 7on7 Series.


We compete in tournaments throughout Arizona and the United States.

Travel occurs often. 

Age: We gladly welcome boys aged 8 to 17.


Our Coaching Philosophy:

To help your child understand and learn the fundamentals of football.


We want each player to learn how to be part of a team and work together to accomplish one goal.

We firmly believe in the value each player brings to the team unit. 

No one player will EVER be placed above the team. We will always work and act as a TEAM. 


By working together, combining strengths, and keying in on opportunities, we will experience success on and off the field.


We believe in discipline, but not humiliation. Therefore, we will be fair but firm. 

We believe in growing together as a FAMILY.

To learn more or register, contact us now.

What We Believe 

We are dedicated youth football athletes who believe that teamwork, integrity, sportsmanship, and a deep love for the game of flag football make us ELITE.


We are a tight-knit community who believes in the power of seven.


We are boys led by coaches who believe in us as athletes and as growing young men.


We are respectful, resilient, and kind.


We train hard, believe in one another, and continually push ourselves to the next level.


We play with our hearts and leave it all on the field.


We are united teammates.

We are the future of sports.


Above all else, we are one ELITE family. 

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